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Software Engineer

Remote (EST, PST, MST, CST)

7 months ago

Opportunity at a glance

$85k-125k USD

+ Equity: 0-1%


Timezones: EST, PST, MST, CST

2 team members

1-10 employees

Get a summary of the role, the requirements, the team make-up and expectations.

What they are looking for

We have working a XanderGlasses prototype, and we're hiring experienced C++ engineers to help us further develop and polish our prototype into a product ready for customers to love.

What they need

Audio (or video streaming)
Natural Language Processing

Expertise in the following areas

  • C++ development on an Android app running on constrained hardware
  • Real-time audio streaming into a native (offline) speech-to-text system
  • UI/UX implementation via voice UI and/or an integrated touchpad
  • Speech-to-text enhancements including speaker detection & labeling, model tuning and retraining
  • Future development for cloud-connected services

What you'll be doing

You have the skills and experience to hit the ground running with our small team to help us transform our working prototype into a shipping product.

Team make-up: 2 total members

1 Software Engineer, 1 CEO

Jasper Duba
Alex Westner

What you'll experience in the first 12 months

1 month

Within 1 months

Onboard into Xander, meet our small team. Get up to speed on the business and the product. Start making an impact by taking on critical work that gets us closer to shipping.
connected path

6 months

Within 6 months

See the fruit of your labor as we've successfully launched our product! Iterate based on customer feedback. Start work on the next phase, cloud connected-services.
connected path

1 year

Within 1 year

We're a small and early stage startup — it's impossible to predict where we'll be in a year, but your role will help guide and influence our direction!

Total compensation

$85k-125k USD

+ Equity: 0-1%

Company benefits

Unlimited PTO

Yes, we take vacations!

Medical, Dental, Vision, & Life Insurance

Xander pays 80% of a gold-tier plan. Dental plan includes ortho.

FSA and dependent care FSA

401k Plan

Managed by Betterment. Low-cost management with a diverse pool of portfolio options, including Socially Responsible to Innovative Tech.

Certified Coaching

One-on-one sessions with a Certified Financial Planner.

100% Remote

Entirely flexible work hours.

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